Artificial Intelligence (AI) is anti-feminist by errors and misconceptions which we humans, first embedded into our way of life.

Have you ever wondered why virtual assistants are feminine and by default CEOs are masculine? A quick experiment can be carried out now on Google search for images of ;
CEOs – men always pop up first
Virtual assistants – women always pop up

We are discussing AI and so AI experts was also searched and men still popped up! You now get the drive.

By default, women are virtual assistants because they are ‘nurturers’, hence their calm nature and by default men, are leaders hence, the CEO position. So virtual assistants are perceived to be slow to anger, how cognitive is it to have a ‘leader’ / CEO who lacks emotional intelligence?

It has become more requisite to hold conversations around feminism as digitalization and civilisation came into existence. Prior to now, women lived unaware of the absolute reality; the possibility of having a career and attaining greater heights while at it.With this ‘wokeness’, gender bias and other biases were spotted. By information default, a husband should cheer his wife to be best in her career while they *both* parent their kids at home.

As uttered in the preceding lines, AI adopts our inherent way of life in functioning, hence the bias is not pinned to the malfunction of AI.

“Even though it sounds like these machines have a mind of their own, AI is just the reflection of our decisions and our behavior, because the data we use to train AI is the representation of our experiences, behaviors, and decisions as humans. If I want to train an AI application to review, say, credit card applications, I have to show it previous applications that were approved or rejected by humans. So, you’re really just taking human behavior and codifying it.

-AI expert:  Ege Gürdeniz

We’ve codified human behaviour in AI’s system unconsciously adding our biases as well. AI is trained to complete words like queen for female and king for male but is biased when placing  father as a doctor and mother as a nurse. This is back dated to the inequality of both genders to choosing their preferred career. Thankfully when chef is typed, algorithm brings up images of  men and women dressed as chefs so the narrative is gradually changing.

Female AI technologist Kriti Sharma, once narrated in a TedTalk how she experiences bias in virtual meetings because she is a female. She gets questions like: “what makes you think you’re qualified to talk about AI?” whereas the men are presumed to be experts in this field hence no questioning. Sticking to the fact that the tech world is dominated by men, Kriti gets less appraisal because she is female. Higher error rates are used in recognizing women while paving way for men to shine easily.

Algorithms are used to make decisions on our gender, race and background based on how the system is coded. We can train AI without biases if we are aware that these biases exist.

Till then,

AI is bias
AI is racist
AI is anti- feminism

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