Yes! Social media could cause depression. Find out how to avoid it.

It is no longer news that one of the most popular digital tools; the social media has generated a high statistics of depression on young people especially, owing to so many reasons.

The good news is, you can prevent social media depression by deliberately controlling your space because your mental health is overly important!

Find below a few tips to avoiding social media depression.

1. Follow the right people

-Leverage on social media to interact with like minds and with people who are more knowledgeable in your field than you are.
– Build a strong network on social media to learn, teach and evolve.
– Train your mind to admire your online mentors, don’t idolise them : social media depression sips in silently when the latter is the case.

2. Train your mind to take casually, post engagement.

– Avoid using the number of endorsements on your post: {likes, shares, retweets, reposts} to track its authenticity.

As simple as this sounds, I can bet you it is not easy. It is difficult to not keep track of how many people just loved your recent picture on Facebook and not check out the comments. If you permit your mind to be trained on taking such ‘endorsements’ really much casual, you won’t delete that photo because it got 2 likes in 24 hours.

Learn to control your peace of mind. Endorse yourself by yourself.

3. Be you! Be deliberate online
– Choose to be among those that use social media intentionally and positively by:
a) creating true profiles ( social media is the new CV)
b) avoid photo-shopping your pictures out of your reality.

Be you, everyone else is taken. Get so busy doing you that you don’t give a hoot about what others are doing.

4. Create more than you consume

-Leverage on the global capacity of social media to share your own ideas rather than just being on the receiving end. -Boost your spontaneous creativity by creating more content online to avoid falling into social media depression.

5. Strike a balance between your offline life and online life.

– Have a life outside social media.
Get busy with other aspects of your life offline so you don’t waste your whole time viewing people’s pictures and posts hence, getting depressed in the process.

6. Be content
– Be placid with whatever you have and avoid coming online to compare yourself with others who may be placing a fake life online for you to view.

7. Regulate your social media time.

– Know when to stay off social media for a while if the environment is getting toxic.
– Mark the time you use social media everyday to track your productivity.

8. Avoid trolling

-The energy you put out is equivalent to the energy you get in return.
– Don’t abuse the power of being a keypad warrior to troll anyone online. Remember karma.
– Treasure everyone’s mental health as much you treasure yours.

9. Stop stalking

This is you. I know right. You know that your ex stop, checking his latest posts, and  comments.

Protect your space and your mental health.

10. Avoid re-posting gory pictures.
– Images accompanied by bloodshed should not be reposted.
– Make social media a safe space for everyone.

Social media still subsists as a great tool for change to be effected digitally when properly leveraged on.

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