Let Me Teach You How To Press Your Phone Digitally

With more than half of the world’s population owning smart phones, everyone can learn to think smart by procuring solutions digitally.

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I Coach.

Digitally minded humans in providing quality content online, hence providing a safe space for everyone.

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Digital skills because digital is the new future. You can learn one or two digital skills to join the moving train!

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Intellectual copies , SEO friendly contents ,business proposals, blog posts and brand stories

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Is your brand suffering poor digital outlook? I can help you over shoot digital goals

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“Esther does her work with a cheerful spirit. She is a professional whom I have had the unique pleasure of inviting to facilitate a workshop for the Startup Grind Community (Largest global network of Startups), and her session was mind-blowing, as she dished out extremely useful information to the participants. I can vouch that Esther will go the extra mile to achieve excellence in any project she lays her hands on. Esther is an avid writer, amazingly knowledgeable speaker, and social media consultant extraordinaire”

Mayọkun Adeoti

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Hey! Meet the self acclaimed digital phone presser. I can teach you how to press your phone ‘correctly’. Welcome to my bio. Tell me what you like and how I can help you solve your problem digitally; my DM feeds on such

Esther Ivy Felix is a digital marketer, distinctive copywriter, content creator, blogger and social media manager/ marketer.

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Every domain, including the social media is guided by etiquette. The etiquette are sub divided into two; for personal accounts and business accounts/ pages. In
Writing over time has grown to be one way to express yourself by drawing out your imaginations with letters. In all simplicity and honesty, words
After creating a social media account, the next most deliberate step to be made is in creating a standard profile for yourself or brand of
It is no longer news that one of the most popular digital tools; the social media has generated a high statistics of depression on young

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