ITR to host Esther Ivy Felix on a session tagged : “Writing Your Way To Profit And Influence”

Writing over time has grown to be one way to express yourself by drawing out your imaginations with letters.

In all simplicity and honesty, words are let loose to glorify the expression of an infinite art.

How about writing your way to financial freedom and great influence? How about earning from the ink of your pen because it never stops flowing? How do you even get to the point where your pen is constantly flowing?

So many questions like this will be answered by Esther Ivy Felix at the Impact Training Room on the 12th of Saturday by 8:00pm Nigerian time.

It has been conceived that the best is always saved for the last and Esther Ivy Felix will be the last host for the year at ITR.

Come let’s all learn together!

Venue : Telegram

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