Content hack: how to repurpose content

Content repurposing is one of the most relevant content marketing hacks that enable you to create more content out of your primary piece to increase the reach of your content. It’s more like you reusing your content with a target so the forms change. Subsequent lines in this blog post will expose you to how you can creatively repurpose your blog post and video content.

Blog Post

  • Post images from your blog post alongside excerpts from your blog post and the link to the post. The text should be a punchy part of your post that will persuade people to read the full post. Note that excerpts could go without images for a platform like Twitter and the link should be inserted.
  • Use excerpts from your blog posts to form tweets and create a conversation on the platform. Screenshot the tweet and post on Instagram.
  • Create a short video clip to summarise the content of your post and then post. The video could be of you, or animations, both still serve the same purpose.

Video : Video contents are harder to create but very much easy to repurpose. Just imagine you put up a new video on your YouTube channel, how do you get to market the content online to get more views?

  • Create a teaser of the video with the YouTube link and share on social media.
  • Grab transcripts from your video and use to create a blog post. Remember to include the link in the post.
  • Create catchy carousels for social media and include the link alongside a catchy text for the video.
  • Post the video itself on social media platforms that support videos and introduce a call to action, inviting people to subscribe to your YouTube channel.
  • Post screen grabs from the video and use for memes to create conversations around it. You could also create a challenge with memes using a hashtag and run a giveaway for the person with the best challenge.
  • Convert the video to audio and publish as a podcast.

NB: In repurposing blog post content, don’t get confused that videos are used as well.

Leverage on content repurposing to increase your post views. It requires you to understand the platforms you are using; what works and what doesn’t. A general content repurposing hack is to change the text slightly so it fits the platform you are using. Twitter takes lesser characters so you might have to cut your texts into threads. Resizing your images as well especially for instagram is a content repurposing hack.



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