Social media etiquette for business

24 social media etiquette every business must adopt

Every domain, including the social media is guided by etiquette. The etiquette are sub divided into two; for personal accounts and business accounts/ pages. In fact, the social media etiquette for businesses or brands,require a certain level of professionalism for one to handle and this is why it is important for you to hire a social media manager who is knowledgeable in this field if you lack expertise.

It is expected of anyone handling a business’ social media page to be highly professional; respectful, personable and sociable in all dealings with their audience (clients).

I highlighted a good number of social media etiquette businesses must adopt to maintain their value and still remain relevant at the same time while pitching more of it’s tents in the social media space.

1. Have integrity
– Do not beg for likes: After creating a winning profile for your business on it’s social media bio, you must strive to maintain the value projected on your bio. It is very okay for you to invite people to like your page, but do not beg them to do that or like your posts. That will make you seem desperate and depreciate your value.

2. Do not use the business page for personal purposes
– Avoid sharing your personal, political or religious views on a business social media page: Differentiate your business page from your personal account and share posts in sync with your brand on your business page. This means, you shouldn’t use your business page to comment on, share or like any issue of personal interest.

3. Prioritise the social media platform that works best for your brand
– Know which social media platform works best for your business based on the type of product or service you offer and where you have more audience
– Match the right content with the right network: Social media platforms have varying content types. Understand thes and match contents appropriately. E.g tweet can go with or without graphics to spark a conversation but that would not go well on a platform like Facebook or Instagram.

4. Avoid spamming
– Do not send unnecessary emails to clients that will end up in their spam box.
– Cut down on automation and interact like a human being. It is wrong for you to spam your audiences inbox with messages. Lowkey, it makes people to reduce value for your business.

5. Avoid grammatical and spelling errors

In a bid to seem professional, grammatical and spelling errors must be checked. This helps to mark your business valid to your audience. Cross check posts put out and quickly edit or delete in case of errors.

6.Respond to messages promptly
Imagine how infuriated you get when someone does not give you a prompt reply, that’s how sour late replies could be. It is more annoying when bots respond to you. Always be on standby to respond to messages and make your audience feel as important as they are!
– Avoid using automated systems to respond to your clients even if the messages are so many. Treat each direct message personally.
– Avoid using emojis or just a ‘like’ to interact. The goal is to interact like a human being, remember your business is a ‘person’.

7. Make use of more visuals.
– People interact more with quality graphic content or high quality videos. Leverage on this to build engagement on your business page.

8. Avoid writing in CAPS
That seems visually alarming! Try to be as simple as possible.

9. Tag appropriately
– Tag other businesses: It’s okay to tag businesses in the same line of business with yours so your post can come up on their page (affiliate marketing).

Business pages should not tag individuals in a status update. Business pages can tag other pages even if the page hasn’t been liked.

10. Do not repeat posts
Be creative with puting out contents to push your business on social media and avoid repetition

A social media manager for a business or brand should conduct research on the field of the business to sound more authentic to their audience.

12. Be consistent
-Post regularly to boost engagement
– Post at the right time and not under pressure.

13. Give credit
It is always appropriate for you to give credit to whom it is due. Tag persons you are quoting. If you can’t find their handles, mention them. This helps to boost your credibility.

14. Use hashtags sparingly
Avoid mesmerising your posts with so many hashtags. Pass your message with a minimum of two hashtags to avoid sounding too noisy or appearing desperate.

15. Follow purposefully
– Follow pages that are in sync with your brand identity (competitors)
– Do not follow for numbers ; that is following to unfollow.

16. Turn down on your tone
Ensure your tone while speaking to your audience is calm. Do not brag but showcase your brand distinctively without rubbishing another business.

17. Relate, don’t sell
– Know your audience
– Interact with your followers respectfully and professionally.
– Induce humour

18. Have a complete and consistent profile on all platforms including your website.

Ensure your business is using the same name and bio on all platforms to avoid confusing clients and to also improve your business search

19. Respond to negative comments
– Accept criticism : Respond professionally to criticism to become better. Feedbacks should not always be positive so expect the opposite to prune rough edges.

20. Do not over share
Your business page should not be clumsy. Share only a few posts.

21. Be consistent
– Adhere strictly to posting times
– Create a content calendar to ensure effectiveness of your content creation.

22. Offer value
Ensure the content put out is offering value to your audience otherwise, they won’t engage the content or patronise you.

23. Avoid befriending people to sell them stuff, it makes you look stupid.
Maintain a formal relationship with clients or potential clients.

24. Use the first person plural pronoun when talking about your business. Always use ‘we’ when talking on behalf of your business even if the team consists of only one person.
I am a digital service agency. ❌ 
We are a digital service agency. ✔️

I want to believe you have taken notes of vital social media etiquette for a business page or account. Now you can perform professionally as a social media manager by interacting formally and still providing value at the same time.

If you need a social media manager, to handle your social media pages for you with first class professionalism and results, feel free to reach out to me.

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